How is Instagram a virtual theatre?

For my thesis capstone project during graduate school at Pratt Institute, I performed the role of a social media influencer for 21 days. I used the Instagram account, @itsfina, to take on this new persona. I started the process by deleting the 886 posts I previously had.

In my 21-day performance, I took on the roles of the playwright, director, actor, and producer of this production. As the playwright, I told the story through the use captions and actions of my character. As the director, I pieced together the captions, character, set, costumes, and lighting into a unified whole. As the actor, I brought the role of the influencer to life by physically performing on stage. Lastly, as the producer, I constructed and organized all of the physical details of the performance. I went from buying hundreds of dollars’ worth of clothes to making six eggs just to get one perfect over-easy egg. contains the documentation from the three week long performance and my final thesis book submission can be found here.